she’s waiting there
in a structure of bones
a network of tendons
a clockwork of joints
and organs

straining muscles
piercing eyes
each a fibrous mechanism
a collection
of beautiful things

hidden components
of a grander whole
wrapped in the skin
of the one I love
dismantle me
and then rebuild

two halves
is what we are


The Evening Room

the evening room is dimly cast
in shades of quiet blue
the piano notes are trickling down
falling all around us

in droplets on the windowsill
shadows on the wall
the heartwells of the world

as we lie here on the floor
I see right through your
evening gown
and we can see the raindrops in
the streetlight

they dance along the railing
of our covered balcony
and as you take my hand
the strings begin to play

there’s no one who can suffer
like the German composers
or muster up so beautiful a

I run my hand along your leg
feel your breath on my neck
as the night begins to set itself

I’ve missed you more than I can
bear to explain
and the words never hit quite
like they should

but as the ghosts of the evening
pour like sorrow from the speakers
it’s not too late to tell you that
I love you

Laughter In Your Eye

it’s the tired old game
the same alarm clock every
tearing you out of your sleep
like a fire drill

it’s the early winter darkness
the stressful drive
the slow commute
putting the hours into work
with none left over

all you need
is an hour to yourself
to stay alive
but you don’t get it
and some days you never will

it’s the same damn game
the pounding headache
weary eyelids
some nights you couldn’t sleep
even if you wanted to

yet sometimes
you look the jackals in the eye
and spit with laughter
turn your madness on its heels
throw your amusement at the gods
and they laugh with you

as they tear
your soul


something beautiful is coming
put your ear against the ground
slide your fingers between mine
and ask the gods
and ask the night sky

let the progress of our souls
take seven steps into the darkness
one for north, south, east, west,
up, down, and here

something beautiful is coming
in our strong and simple love
in every pattern laid before us
we can feel it

let the progress of our souls
see through this plane into the
rootless like a lotus flower
standing by faith alone

“something beautiful is coming”
we tell ourselves in troubled moments
as we stare into the distance
search for answers in the cosmos

still the progress of our souls
waits patiently for some awakening
while the present passes by
before our eyes

5-0 Radio

sitting in a car after dark
on the side of the highway
listening to a police scanner
as a lone truck passes by
nothing’s happening

the streets are exaggerated
the gangs are asleep
the world is not an exciting
place to be

voices on the radio
slip in and out of protocol
reporting every fifteen minutes
to remind themselves
they have a job

pacing up and down the streets
like cabbies without fares
without so much as a distraction
nothing going on

but who am I to judge?
I’m sitting in a car after dark
on the side of the highway
listening to a police scanner


when I was a teenager
I watched a house burn down
across the street
on the fourth of July

as I watched, I wasn’t worried
or even slightly empathetic
instead, there was this feeling
of euphoria

like nothing else mattered
like there were answers in the fire
like everything was right with
the world

nobody cared about the fireworks
they stood out on the street
taking pictures, pointing,
cheering for the firemen

I laid down in the grass
watched the stars shatter and fall
into the glow of the warmest
summer air

as the water rained down
and purified the earth
I thought how beautiful the night
turned out to be