Month: February 2015

Insomnia Blues

“I woke up this morning”
blues singers always say
I guess that’s a good place to start,
when their troubles begin

“I woke up this morning”
sometime before breakfast
before the golden eggs can fry up
in the pan

this makes their heartbreak
seem that much more unbearable
enduring hard-luck situations
on an empty stomach

“I woke up this morning”
they narrate once again
but if I wrote a blues song
I’d have to start it differently

because I spend my nights
turning in bed, watching the ceiling
there’s no waking up from
never falling asleep

if I finally splash through
murky waters of unconsciousness
trouble won’t wait to follow me
down into my dreams


Bill Evans

a glass of scotch on the piano
in a photo, black and white
the player hard at work
on a forty-five

emotionless and calm
with unbreaking concentration
picking out the notes
somewhere off camera

a cigarette held patiently
between his parted lips
scanning the situation
with half-closed eyes

eyes of a surgeon
keen and calculating
sizing up the keys
where his fingers follow

you’d expect to see those eyes
on the face of a watchmaker
leaning hunched over a table
assembling parts

neither surprising nor complex
yet he always finds the notes
saying only the right thing
at the right time