Month: October 2014

The War

upon finishing a fourteen-hour
documentary about the war
I felt as though I had survived
a little something of my own

nothing of importance
nor comparable to combat
barely even enough
to mention aloud

a war of non-participation
of non-identity
of having no excuse
no million-man march
no moon landing

only these words
same as everybody else
given life then blotted out
under the scrutinous eye
of history



sweeping up the sawdust
like the tender to a zen garden
in swirls, patterns,
graceful dancer movements

the long, flat broom
sliding across a concrete surface
creating flower petals
with her footprints

twirling around the room
in her favorite day-off shirt
either a pink or orange color
I can’t tell the difference

moving to the hum
of the rumbling mechanisms
staring intently at the floor
in concentration

surveying with fulfillment
shoulders back, hands on her hips
the unintentional performance art
in everything she does


this bird, the albatross
goes running hard across the rocks
one flatted foot slapped down
after the other

its body thick and stout
too long and heavy to lift off
neck stretched out ahead
charging like a bull

forcing air above its wings
with incredible effort
great stampeding steps
determined groans

massive white body
barreling along the beach
every muscle aching
pushing harder

perhaps the effort is rewarded
when the bird finally takes flight
sailing on the swells
over the ocean

perhaps extinction might hold off
another year for this migration
ten-thousand wingbeats spent
to cross the north Pacific

Konami Code

during the tedious obligations
in the routine of daily life
I recall a secret combination
all the possibilities

I begin gesturing deliberately
first up and down, then left and right
performing final movements
like a ritual dance

people stare uncomfortably
as I mime the letters B and A
until a chime rings out
into a world instantly altered

feeling suddenly complete
having achieved my full potential
I skip the working part of life
with unlimited funds

I ditch the unemployment line
the DMV, and jury duty
with perfect health, a variety of skills
and infinite lives

I breeze through to the end
where you and I retire young
to sit on a shaded porch
with a cup of coffee