Month: February 2014

Morning Song

this morning I awoke
to a terrible commotion
one of the cats
singing to the rafters

I didn’t shout
or throw projectiles
at his stage at the
top of the stairs

I just left him
to his song
and waited for the
final notes

of his tone-deaf
and rambunctious


The Descent

she comes to a rest
near the edge of the pool
beginning her long, slow descent
into the surface

first her heels and then her toes
with her ankles soon to follow
as we sit beside the pool
with no one else around

I quickly slip into the shallows
swim across the pool and back
she’s made it to the middle
of her shins

I say the water’s cold at first
but it feels fine once you’re in it
still she eases herself in
just an inch at a time
and I don’t mind

I’m alone under the surface
tugging at her two-piece swimsuit
she kicks her feet, creating
ripples in the water

standing in anticipation
patiently for her embrace
she amazes me in ways I still
can’t fully understand
I’ll wait as long as I have to

The Fight and the Prize

the irritated customers
the bosses on your ass
crowds that never seem
to dissipate
asking questions without end

pushy bastards in the lunch line
shoving you into the railing
drunken bastards on the highway
running you out of your lane

weather swelling up your knee
the distances you have to walk
at a slow and crippled pace
the cat piss in your shoes
when you stepped into them
this morning

the declined credit cards
the broken car
the broken tooth
the cold and crazy holidays
you don’t celebrate

I’ll fight through it all
leave my frustration in the hallway
for that first kiss in the doorway
that first sip of cold brown beer

the housecat sleeping on the sofa
the fearless word down on
the page
baby, these are the miracles
I work for