The Evening Room

the evening room is dimly cast
in shades of quiet blue
the piano notes are trickling down
falling all around us

in droplets on the windowsill
shadows on the wall
the heartwells of the world

as we lie here on the floor
I see right through your
evening gown
and we can see the raindrops in
the streetlight

they dance along the railing
of our covered balcony
and as you take my hand
the strings begin to play

there’s no one who can suffer
like the German composers
or muster up so beautiful a

I run my hand along your leg
feel your breath on my neck
as the night begins to set itself

I’ve missed you more than I can
bear to explain
and the words never hit quite
like they should

but as the ghosts of the evening
pour like sorrow from the speakers
it’s not too late to tell you that
I love you


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