Month: August 2013

Late Shift

I walked in the door
dropped my bag in the corner
kicked off my shoes and saw her
standing there

she was leaning in front of the
bathroom mirror
in her blue transparent evening gown
legs streaming out the bottom

bows like exotic flowers in her hair
standing like a dancer in firstĀ position

I removed my tie and jacket
hung them together on theĀ coat rack
started drifting towards her
at a loss for words

I undressed as I walked
like shedding layers of apprehension
the day slid off my shoulders in
the hallway

as I saw her picture perfect
every nuance, every motion
the nakedness of my reflection
shone beside her

the weakness of my body
my disheveled appearance
some dim, unshaven stranger in
the background

we were one embrace away from
all redemption in the universe
then she slowly turned around
and caught my eye



it’s a strange breed of insomnia
I’m suffering tonight
creating cities on the inside
of my eyelids

I’m seeing in architecture
designing imaginary buildings
shaping the infrastructure of an
impossible world
filling it with ghosts
and pouring rain

now I’m stepping into my creation
in the backseat of a taxi
driven by a madman
with the face of a yellow jacket

I hear the radio
the songs are mine too
pedestrians in the alleyways
voices trailing off into the dark
as my eyes open

then the world washes away
taking the bridges, tunnels,
leaving me with nowhere else to be
and still awake

as my thoughts erase themselves
as my mind evaporates
as the clock melts into a pool
and slips away