Month: March 2013

5-0 Radio

sitting in a car after dark
on the side of the highway
listening to a police scanner
as a lone truck passes by
nothing’s happening

the streets are exaggerated
the gangs are asleep
the world is not an exciting
place to be

voices on the radio
slip in and out of protocol
reporting every fifteen minutes
to remind themselves
they have a job

pacing up and down the streets
like cabbies without fares
without so much as a distraction
nothing going on

but who am I to judge?
I’m sitting in a car after dark
on the side of the highway
listening to a police scanner



when I was a teenager
I watched a house burn down
across the street
on the fourth of July

as I watched, I wasn’t worried
or even slightly empathetic
instead, there was this feeling
of euphoria

like nothing else mattered
like there were answers in the fire
like everything was right with
the world

nobody cared about the fireworks
they stood out on the street
taking pictures, pointing,
cheering for the firemen

I laid down in the grass
watched the stars shatter and fall
into the glow of the warmest
summer air

as the water rained down
and purified the earth
I thought how beautiful the night
turned out to be


a dull thud
that’s all there was
she ran in a circle
then collapsed on the ground
just another rabbit hit by a car

I was on the sidewalk
and stepped out into traffic
stopping the next car from
finishing her off

she was terrified, but breathing
I couldn’t tell how bad it was
thought for a moment that she
might still have a chance

so I scooped up her tiny body
held her gently in my hands
as the drivers laid on their horns

her leg twisted around backwards
her left eye and ear were gone
blood poured out of her mouth
onto the ground

she was shaking as I laid her
on a soft spot in the grass
then sat with her until she
passed away

now she’s a sad memory
that I can’t shake
and it’s strange to think
if I walked by ten minutes later
she would have been
just another rodent dead on the road


poised and motionless
mysterious and calm
she is invisible
to the outside world

she demands attention
with a voice
both powerful and small
demanding to be noticed,
to be loved

she never kisses on the lips
she never shares her bed
and she’s always out of reach
just by a little

she’ll stare into your eyes
make you forget who you are
she’s as dangerous as you
want her to be